Good Day Sunshine

The sun was shining last week, and my people took full advantage.  Here’s some of the sunny fun they’ve been up to:


 Big kid fashioned this contraption using his magnifying glass, a pie tin, a stick, and of course, tape. His original idea was to use it as a solar frying pan, but instead it is making art by burning wood scraps. My favourite piece, ‘Squirrels’.


 We also made a solar oven, using a pizza box, tin foil, black construction paper, plastic wrap and tape. I can’t take any credit for this awesome idea, found it here. We made S’mores, but were too impatient to wait for gooey marshmallows. We went for melted chocolate and softened marshmallows after about a 20 min wait…yummy!

we gave the marshmallows a head start

we gave the marshmallows a head start.DSC_0209

We woke up  one morning to seeds that are sprouting, a simple miracle that never ceases to amaze my people-or myself really.


And we tried a few batches of sun tea (put tea/herbs in a jar full of water and place in sun for a good part of the day).


I have to stop myself from talking too much about what’s happening in all these endeavours. It can be hard to edit yourself  as a homeschooling parent; the ever looming sense of responsibility, the fact that we have taken our kids education into our own hands, can at times push us to over do it in the teaching department. Rather, these experiments are meant to be fun, exploratory and wonder-inducing. Sometimes, I think it’s worth more to their education to keep my mouth shut, and let the magic unfold for them.

Ok, ok, maybe I can’t resist a book or two thrown in for good measure. On my list:

‘If You Hold a Seed’~by Elly MacKay

‘The Sun Egg’~by Elsa Beskow

‘The Summer Solstice’~by Ellen Jackson(I haven’t read this one yet, but it looks promising)